You Don’t Want To See Me Angry

I sent this email to a critic today. I felt it appropriate to share for a wider viewing audience here on RF.


I’m not angry. You wouldn’t like to see me angry. But I understand that’s the standard issue talking point used against me. Started with Carey/Sutton/Brodkorb and continues on with the destroyers.

I’m not angry, I’m passionate for the conservative cause. I care so about it, the issues it stands for, so it pains me to see people wasting time, energy, and resources. And I say that from experience. I thought I could change the party back a few years ago, but I ended up making it worse by empowering Carey/Sutton/Brodkorb of staying in power. And here we are now with a party that can’t even afford field staff….

Perfect? Not me nor the party right now, but its what we have to work with and its better than the alternative. “Breaking” or destroying the party for the sake of revenge or simply to start from scratch is insanity.

I’m disappointed so many people think that complaining is activism. That meetings where a few people hold microphones and never bother to educate that crowd sitting listening on how to actually win elections… Or for BPOU leaders to think that their job wasn’t to elect their candidates. Or CD leaders that just simply shutter their districts like 4 & 5.

With power comes great responsibility.

If only those who could do something would do something rather than just bitch. Because its easy to bitch, again I can say that from experience. And the fact is that its easy to plan winning an internal party election. What takes true skill and work is winning a statewide election. That’s why the Ron Paul leaders have bailed on Bills. They point at the Romney endorsement, or Tampa, but they never were going to help him win. Its too hard. Instead its who is going to run for party chair, CD chars, BPOUs, etc.

Well what about November?

Look, I’m not doing what I do because I get paid, its all out of my own pocket. Its taking a toll on my health, my family, and my paying day job.

I’m doing what I am doing because no one else was. There was a cry for help and no one else was answering.

I’m not angry, I’m disappointed to see so many people wasting time running for party office elections to be held next year, plotting, planning, scheming, meeting to discuss how someone made them feel bad.

Me angry?

If you think this is me being angry I guess I am always angry.

But trust me I’ll be really angry if the few of us who do seem to care and are trying end up failing to pick up all the slack and Dayton buys his Legislature. Then you will see me be angry.


Look, just because we don’t talk about that 800 pound elephant in the corner, doesn’t mean that its not still there.

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