Obama: Dear Comrades In Arms, Now More Than Ever

Whenever I see an Obama or Klobuchar sign as I am driving, rare btw, I say “Der Comerade” in a Dolph Lundgren in Rocky IV kind of accent.

Well today Obama’s Comrades in Arms are going on the offensive by putting on their rose colored glasses and regurgitating the White House spin on the jobs report. Which of course doesn’t add up, but the loyal lapdogs in Congress like Senator Klobuchar and their left wing allies in the media are counting on Americans’ short attention spans and hoping they don’t bother to fact check the o-called Government watchdogs and truth meters in the media.

You see, everything these radical Communists… I’m sorry…. progressives…  have been fighting for for the last 50 years is on the line, can they drive the final nail in the coffin of what once was the greatest nation on the planet by killing its economy once and for all by sending Obama back for a second term to finish the job? Or as some Hollywood folks say….”In the second term, its on”

Obamacare isn’t the solution to Health Care, its the trojan horse that destroys private health systems and requires the Government to step in.

As is the case in most industries, free markets are overruled by the Government picking the winners.

According to Obama in his debate this week, its wrong to allow Exxon and oil companies to get a “subsidy” or tax break while still actually producing a product Americans need, but its ok to spend ten times that on green energy non-science (as opposed to non-sense) like Solyndra and the countless other Democrat donating green energy companies who took taxpayer money but are belly up and not producing a single watt of energy.

I could go on, the point is do not let the headlines get to you, they are being crafted by the enemy of America as we know it.

Friends don’t let friends listen to the MSM. Now more than ever we need to make sure Americans know the truth. We can’t afford four more years of Obama and Democrats in control.

I could go on, point is folks, its crunch time. If you care about America you can’t sit back and complain. You need to affect the change. You need to step forward and show Obama and Democrats that you don’t agree that Government is the solution. You need to help convince others how bad things really are.

Obama and Democrats have multi billion dollar media empires who get to broadcast his version of reality 24 hours a day…


UH OH….. The 6 Am to 10PM daily grind of a full time job and every other waking moment being volunteered to stop Obama is unleashing the AAARF in me…..

Is it something that we cannot overcome? Maybe, but does that mean we just lay down and let America die a slow death at the hands of socialists and nanny state bureaucrats and aristocrats?

No, stand up America and let your voices be heard, stand up and join together with others working to change the course of history. Stand up and make sure Obama is a one term President.

Join the fight, we can overcome all odds, but we need your help.

We are outnumbered in the GOTV trenches by the unions and special interests of the left but we stand on the right side of the battle, where liberty and freedom reside. If we all work together we can stop Obama and Democrats.

We truly need your help. We have 33 days to save America.

I beg of you to volunteer your time or donate to good groups like, say… CD6 where we are the tip of the spear going toe to toe with the people trying to destroy America.

We will keep working, with or with out you because America is too important to just lie down and do nothing because we are too busy or you don’t like to make calls or…..


This is it. Now or never. Come help us make calls, lit drop, door knock, donate, lawnsigns.

This is it. 33 days until the election. 33 days to see if we can save America from another mistake.

I need you, America needs you.

At 8PM on November 6th, I will know that I did everything with in my power to do something. Do you think I enjoy burning up my own fuel driving around the 6th District? No, but it needed to be done.

What are you doing?

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