Why Yes I Have Had Enough But Its Not Me Its You

Do I even need to try to explain why this is quite literally the dumbest thing ever said by a Republican? Well, short of I have a wide stance, but still. In a time when conservtives are rallying against the socialist movement operating under the Occupy Walltreet banner. You think its wise for a struggling candidate to piss off the very people he can’t afford to lose?

No wait, it gets worse. Check out the fundraising email….

Klobuchar ads prove she is so proud to showcase rewarding her millionaire friends who max out to her campaign.

Think about it, Paul Walser makes millions and her bailout of him has made him even richer…while her vote for the largest middle class tax increase in American history hurts every day families and made them poorer.

I will be proud when we beat her by raising money $5, and $10 at a time. We can take our country back from crony capitalists like Klobuchar.

Read the release, and please consider a $5 or $10 contribution to my campaign.

Klobuchars’ millionaires’ bailouts should not be funded by taxing middle class families.

Your small sacrifice will send a loud message: WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

Kurt Bills


My head is about to explode. How dare Walser be successful and try to save his business. The nerve. If you too want to make sure no one dares to get rich in America, vote for Kurt Bills.

Honest to God, you cannot seriously be OK with your name being associated with this Kurt. Please tell me that this is a wayward manager trying to through a hailmary from his own end zone, and that you truly don’t agree with the occupy wall street theology.

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