More On MNDOT’s Dangerous Cnty Rd E2 Bridge Over 35W

As promised, I snapped a couple of better pictures last night on the way home of the County Rd. E2 Bridge over 35W in New Brighton / Arden Hills.

I’m quite shocked this bridge is still open and they are allowing people to drive under it. (Mind you they shut down a highway because a bike path bridge was damaged but this one has crumbling concrete braced up by regular lumber and there’s not even a warning or weight restriction.

Folks big semis drive onto of this bridge supported by wood. There are a number of trucking companies, a post office distribution center, and telephone pole company that are located immediately off of this freeway bridge.

MNDOT Bridge / Cnty Rd. E2

MNDOT Bridge / Cnty Rd. E2

MNDOT Bridge / Cnty Rd. E2

It appears this is on the docket to replace in 2016. Question is, can we risk waiting this long?

We’ve spent billions on building trains, performing studies for future trains,  hybrid buses, bike paths, but for some reason we just don’t have any to replace dangerous bridges.

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