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Oh, this David Gerson is the Paulbot gift that keeps on giving.

David Gerson to challenge John Kline in Republican Primary

David Gerson is running for congress to help continue the transformation of the Republican Party from the party of privileged large corporate interests to the party of the people that started this May 17th and 18th at our Republican State Convention.
In congress Mr. Gerson will be a leader in the area of fighting Crony Capitalism or corporatism, the confluence of corporate and governmental interests, that both parties promote at the expense of the average person in this county.
The reckless policies promoted by political leaders in both parties have led this country to the brink of a debt crisis.  I am running in attempt to assist in the transformation of the Republican Party of Minnesota from a party complicit in the destruction of the country to one that can lead our country back from our current troubles.   In order to do this we must not pretend that our current representatives, even those in our own party, who are responsible for this crisis  can be re-elected without exacerbating the problems they created.  We must be honest about our own party and its leaders.
I want to expose the last “elephant”-in -the-room in the Republican party.  That the Republican Bush administration and the current Republican controlled U.S.  House of Representatives was and is complicit in enacting reckless fiscal policies which have mortgaged our future, disintegrated the middle class, promoted unnecessary wars and increased the size and power of the federal government.
John Kline has been complicit in causing these problems with his blind devotion to voting with house Republican leadership.  John Kline has had his chance to lead but has proven that he is a follower of Washington D.C. interests at the expense of the average person in his district and Minnesota.  His voting record is unacceptable especially his vote for T.A.R.P., the Troubled Asset Relief Program, to bail out wealthy bankers from their poor decisions at the expense average citizen.  He also voted for multiple failed stimulus bills such as Cash For Clunkers that further indebted this country and promoted certain businesses over the health and welfare of the people.  This penchant for crony Capitalism in Washington D.C. is stealing opportunity from the common man.  John Kline voted for $2.4 trillion of increases to the debt ceiling.  He has voted for measures to cede our personal civil rights to the federal government including measures to limit our free speech, HR 347, and worse our presumption of innocence by voting to allow the military arrest and indefinite detention of U.S. citizens on U.S. soil without a trial in the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012.
My campaign goal is to provide an opportunity for the people in the the 2nd Congressional District to hold John Kline accountable  for his transgressions through my election to congress and to send a message to all Republican statist beholden to the establishment in Washington D.C. that there will be consequences for betraying our core principles.
I hope my run will inspire other to make primary challenges in both parties as this is the only way we can really stop electing the same corrupt leaders over and over again.

David holds a masters degree in engineering and works for a global engineering company.

More information will become available on:

You know who is a CD2 constituent of Congressman Kline?

US Senate candidate Kurt Bills. Statements, please. Stay tuned.

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