Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of The Traffic Jamb

Why is it that wasting billions on trains is thought of as reducing congestion, yet no one seems interested in fixing the decades (multiple) old problem in the north metro where people waste hours (plural) each day sitting in traffic staring at stop lights and tail lights for no good reason other than the social engineers prefer to control people and traffic not make it flow easier?

I’m sorry, but I pay plenty of roll darn taxes, fix MY gosh dang roads. If they build another train before they add some lanes, there will be hell to pay.

We may have to organize a mass walk away from your car and literally turn Hwy 65, 35W, & Hwy 10 into parking lots. Because they are. Hundreds of thousands of people use these so called roads, but we aren’t worth trying to help.

Instead the social engineers in St. Paul and the Met Council want to build Eden Prairie a train instead.


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