@LateDebate Shelved Indefinitely Due To Repya

For those not following me on Twitter… The Late Debate with Jack & Ben was cancelled due to a fraudulent complaint filed with the station by Joe Repya.


  • There was no show on the day Repya said there was. (April 28)
  • Jack was on suspension, and no where near the studio, the day we did the True North Roundtable. (April 26)
  • Hence:  There was no possible way for Jack to say anything about Repya on Late Debate.

Yet Repya still complained and the station got the format of the show we know as Late Debate pulled off the air. That’s right, Repya got the one and only daily  conservative radio show cancelled.

I have no clue what we discussed on the air that he found to be so offensive as to have a lawyer write a letter for him.

You can find the April 26th Late Debate show in question here. (For those who have trouble following along, I repeat Jack was not actually on this show…..) I ask all of you to please let me know if anything was slander or defamation. Is criticism and disagreement now defamation or slander?

I’m sure me simply posting this will get me one of those 3rd person email lawsuit threats to “shut me up or else” again. Or will he actually have a lawyer sue me for this post to take away my free speech rights?

I hated losing Repya as a friend, but I guess if this is who he really is, its not the kind of friend I’d want anyway.

Oh, here’s a good way to thank Repya. Let’s get Jack & Ben back on the air, but on a different station. Call Andrew Lee at AM1130  Twin Cities Newstalk. Or email. andrewlee@clearchannel.com

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