Severson Loves Wasting Taxpayer Money

Because I am annoyed at Dan Severson’s staff pretending that Severson is the most conservative person to run for political office eevah!, I want to point out a couple quick things. We’ve spent [read: wasted] Billions of taxpayer dollars and had our taxes increased thanks to Severson’s support for choo choos. Just imagine him at the Federal level spending our money on boondoggles across the country.


  • Dan Severson authored the Northstar Rail legislation. (Source)
  • Dan Severson supported the MVST amendment that funneled money away from roads and to boondoggles like Central Corridor and Northern Lights Express. (Source)
  • Dan Severson supported the Twins Stadium (Source)
  • And my favorite the headline from his 2006 Legislative newsletter. “Severson helps approve near-record education funding increase
  • Another gem a 2003 Legislative piece. (Source)

“Rail has a place in our future.” He supports the development of the Northstar commuter rail line from St. Cloud to Minneapolis. Starting the project “will be tough in this economic environment,” Severson said, but the potential economic impact will be “a real positive.

  • Severson is a proud mass transit pusher. (Source)
  • Northstar alone costs Minnesota taxpayers $1 million a month in operating subsidies. (source)

This is just a few things that I found this morning using google. Feel free to look around yourselves folks. Don’t believe the press releases, research Severson and find out just exactly what kind of US Senator he would be if elected, cause frankly he may not have been as conservative as his campaign spinsters claim.

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