Robbing Peter To Pay Paul – Quite Literally

The estimated cost to be a National Delegate or Alternate is $3000 to $5000 to cover entrance fees, travel, and lodging. Some of us wondered how some people were going to be able to afford it. In 2008, it was easy to go as RNC was here in St. Paul. In 2012, its in Tampa. I actually kinda want to be a Delegate. I decided against running from the 6th, cause a henchman for the Pal campaign said it would go a long way towards showing we wanted to be fair. Obviously, they were in full on spin and mislead mode as their plans had been laid out well in advance.

Except for one thing. These are the same people who complain that there are fees to cover conventions in the MNGOP. How in the world were they going to pay for it? Well, it looks like we may have discovered how some of the Ron Paul Delegates planned to pay for their trips.

Dear Friends,

You will never guess what the RP takeover group is doing now!  Many of these individuals have been elected to BPOU and CD leadership positions.  In some cases, entire Executive Committees are now run by RP takeover teams.  While not all are hostile or bad, some of them are already causing concern.  

For example, I understand that some of the new RP BPOU/CD leaders have met and are making plans for the money raised at recent conventions. For example:

• Use $10,000 as scholarships for RP National Delegates

• Refusal to give any of the money to an endorsed candidate who doesn’t meet the RP group’s standards of “liberty” and “principles”

• Use the money to train “liberty” candidate campaign managers

I think it goes without saying that we should all be aware of who is running our BPOUs and CDs.  Go to your BPOU and CD meetings.  Pay attention to what your Executives are doing as a GOP organization and with the money it has raised.

 If you are unsure where your leadership stands, please consider donating your hard-earned dollars and time directly to candidates and the State Party.  After all, our reason for the GOP statewide structure is to elect our MN Republicancandidates.

All my best,

Cindy Westrup

* Please note:  If this is a duplicate email, please forgive me.  I will remove all duplicates as soon as possible. *

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