Apparently We Woulda Gone On A ….

Dayton vetoed a pro-2nd amendment and pro-citizen bill last night. And today the media is already laying cover fire for him.

Dayton vetoed a bill that would have expanded the use of deadly force in Minnesota.

That MPR snippet is a testament to the phrase, nothing could be further from the truth. Like somehow if this law was passed people would be running around gunning people down. Such dishonest media coverage just proves the bias.

Its clear, Mark Dayton is no friend of the 2nd Amendment. He doesn’t realize if the law enforcement officers he listened to had their way, he wouldn’t be allowed to have loaded colt 45s in his own home.

Chalk this one up as another electoral advantage for Republicans because you have an anti-gun Governor trying to buy the Legislature. Every Republican candidate can now use this issue.

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