Dayton – I Say A Lot Of Dumb Things

Well, with out even blushing, the Minnesota media is off to the races to portray the stalemates to be at the State Capital as entirely the Republicans’ fault. Dayton delivered his state of the state last night. I did not watch it as I had a hockey scrimmage to go to. (Playoffs start Saturday)

But I can already tell, just by the media headlines, that the mission for the 2012 session is going to be destroy the GOP. Why? Because the media is dumb enough to copy and paste the DFL talking points: Dayton sets a new tone, Dayton stresses unity, Governor calls for teamwork.

As if for his entire term to date, he’s been sitting there with arms extended with olive branches… The guy throws bombs at his political foes, casts with a  wide brush, and spends millions lying about them during campaigns. And somehow the media in Minnesota just brushes that off and joins in the fight to destroy the GOP.

Just a week ago he said Republicans are unfit to Governor. Why? Because they rejected his anti-energy appointment to the Public Utilities Commission.

Folks, the fact is the Republicans had twice as many people show up at their Caucus than the Democrats last week. If this state was full of people wanting to surrender their liberty and hard earned money to Dayton and his dream team of bureaucrats, the DFL would have doubled the GOP turnout. The fact is that the people in this state don’t agree with Dayton. They sent Republicans to guard the hen house by giving them majorities in both houses of the Legislature.

The fact is that Dayton may be Governor, but he’s not an emperor. He has to enact the laws or he can reject all of them and send the state into a tailspin like he did with the shutdown. Oh yeah, in case you still don’t understand, Mark Dayton shutdown state government all by himself. After weeks of the chaos, he came back and accepted the Republican’s offer.

Tax the rich… broken record. You can’t tax your way to prosperity. Tax increases are a one time fix at best because the long term effects will be less revenue. Yes, people with the kinds of income you need to confiscate er tax, to increase revenue will leave. Those with vast amounts of accumulated or inherited wealth, will just stop taking an income or hide their trust funds in South Dakota.

What we actually have before us in Minnesota is a fork in the road. One way leads towards the kind f insolvency that you see in Europe and California. Where Government has grown and grown and grown under liberal political agendas to the point where it has become too big to fund. Where you have a majority of the people dependent on Government at first by force, but eventually by design because you’ve chased away the private competition or alternative. Think I’m nuts, why is their a flat out refusal to get real about transportation in Minnesota and force us to adopt living by train standards and not logical efforts to increase highways system capacity? Because they want us out of our cars so we have to live, work, and consume according to their design.

The other path before us, the right for in the road leads towards a future where we control our own destiny. Where funding government is not the priority. Where people decide what’s best for them. Where consumers pick the winners and losers. Where freedom and liberty reign supreme, and are not considered the enemy.

Democrats have demanded the tax the rich solution in good times and in bad. It doesn’t matter whether there is a budget surplus or a deficit, they want to take money away from some people and give it to others. Why? So the less fortunate will be forced to reelect their breadwinners. If everyone, or a majority of them, is riding in the cart, why the public will never elect another Republican, let alone conservative, Governor or a majority in the House or Senate.

Why if they can just get Minnesotans addicted to free money, health care, and mass transit, they’ll never be dumb enough to vote GOP again.

Why, its not like we ripped up the street cars years ago…. Its not like we’re already an unfriendly business state and we have to bribe companies to stay (Ford plant).

Wake up folks and stop getting your news from the mainstream press. Dayton is a hostile Governor. He’s hostile to Republicans. He’s unwilling to accept economic reality. He is a nanny state liberal who thinks that the real problem with America is that people have to freedom to succeed or fail. The dirty little secret of liberalism AKA Progressive politics is that not everyone can succeed so we all need to be miserable together (except for the trust fund brats who never had to earn an honey dollar or live under the laws and decries that they want everyone else to)

I’m sorry, but I am really getting sick of the dishonest reporting in this state. The socialism/ collectivist pap Dayton and the DFL are selling is not what the people want, but the MSM here never bothers to explain the cause and effect of the nanny state.

Everyone complains about traffic, yet we spend billions on avoiding the problem. Everyone complains about health care, yet the state dictates how miserable it has to be.

Blood pressure is way to high, I must stop.

Have a good Thursday. the sun is out and its warm. Good bye.

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