Gov. Dayton, There’s a Gerry Mander On Line 3

Judging by the lack of coverage, I’m guessing Redistricting is flying under the radar of most people. I bet you didn’t know that next Tuesday (Feb 21, 2012) is the day that the new maps MUST be presented. As in, the actual Legislative & Congressional maps for the next 10 years.

As he has through out his short reign as Governor, Mark Dayton sat on the sidelines and threw rotten tomatoes at plans brought forth by Republicans but didn’t bother to say what he’d do instead. He vetoed their Redistricting bills that would have avoided the last minute judicial decry while not offering a plan of his own. He can easily throw the baby out with the bath water, but never bothers to submit his own plan. Did he hate every single one of the 201 State House & Senate Districts as well as the 8 Congressional Districts the Republicans drew up? Or just some? If so, which? What did he like, could he live with, what had to change? What lines needed to shift, and where, in order to gain his signature and avoid a last minute judicial decision?

Wait, he doesn’t have any. He’s the Governor of no and stop asking me question. No solutions of his own. Sure, he’ll pander to his cronies at speaking events and fundraisers, but he never bothers to get down to the task of being a participating member of state government. He thinks he’s an emperor, not executive tasked with carrying out the work of the Legislature. He thinks it is the Legislature’s job to please him, and doesn’t understand there is a give and take to divided Government. Instead he takes the Republican ideas and throws them in the trash bin, throws around insults, and storms off.

There are 7 days left until 5.3 million plus Minnesotans learn who their new representatives in government will (or could) be. The liberal point of view appears to be that you should be ostracized and or segregated by race, religion, and economic scenario not geographic boundary. Like somehow you choose to live in a certain school district, city, or county for the services and policies they offer, but when it comes to state and federal government you demand a completely different approach right out of the 1950s.

Sheesh, wouldn’t it have been nice to know what Dayton actually thought would be a good redistricting map? Or to have had competing visions for what the next 10 years of elections and government would look like so there could have been real public input? A Republican plan vs a Dayton plan out in the public for months to get pros and cons and input from any and all affected. Who knows, maybe the public could have been the mediators and said what parts of each they liked. Imagine if you could have had the Republican plans put next to Dayton & DFL plans and had months of public comments and input.

Instead we have the Republican plan instinctively thrown aside by Dayton with input fit for a criminal and attacked by his minions, while he offers no solution of his own. Instead he punts and let’s it go down to the wire where judges will release their orders on the last day when you can’t make any changes.

The fact is when we were shopping for a new home in 2009, our check list of requirements was: good hockey system and good politics. Andover met those. Newsflash, you don’t get solid red or blue districts with out a ton of people feeling that same way. Sure some is by coincidence, but to pretend that by trying to turn red districts purple in order to marginalize conservative voters isn’t gerrymandering, is as dishonest as the people who run the League of Women Voters or possibly even Mark Ritchie. But let’s not get side tracked.

This is life under a Governor Dayton. All rhetoric, all knee-jerk, all his way, or no way at all. As in, if the Republicans didn’t pass his redistribute the wealth budget, then he’d shut state government down to punish everyone and have people blame Republicans, only to realize that he was actually affecting lives so he accepted the Republican’s last offer, but blames them for the shutdown……

I guess Dayton is going to give us a belated Redistricting gift but we can’t open it up until the deadline. No peeking. No changes. Just shut up and live with it for the next ten years.

Kinda sucks, but then again, I voted for the other guy.

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