#MNGOP Paid $10,500 To Research Pot – Update

Aye carrumba.

Is now an okay time to say I told you so? Or should I sit back and allow 2 people to claim ALL the credit? At least I can say I never changed my tune, not everyone can do that.

Oh well, onward and …….

Anyways, that link is to a story that digs into the Republican Party problems created by the Sutton/Brodkorb/Carey regime.

Update: And to clarify: I’m not claiming I was the only one, nor that I knew of these details. Its just that there were a lot of us asking to see the books and to know what was really going on long before some people have taken to the glitz. Some of us have been raging against the machine for years and have been destroyed for doing so.  This shouldn’t be about grandstanding or credit for me or anyone, if it is for anyone, then you’re no better than the people who created the mess.

Its not about me, you, or them, this should be about what’s best for the party as a whole. That’s all I ever wanted. A better party. A party that isn’t run by an individual or by some weird alliance or cronyism. Dare I say where best practices rule the day, not who has won favor or who owes who.

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