Bachmann’s Future – Money Matters #mngop

CCO has a story about what Michele Bachmann can do with any money she may have left over from her Presidential campaign. Option 4 is an interesting topic.

• You can save it for another race

If she does decide to run for reelection, she could transfer her Presidential money to her Congressional campaign, but, as I understand it, donor limits also transfer. Chances are, a lot of the people who maxed out in her 2010 race, where she broke the record for fundraising in a US House race, have maxed out already in her Presidential campaign. That means that they can’t help her in a Congressional campaign now.

While Bachmann is very good at gathering small donors, there’s no way she can raise $10 million for another race, in 10 months. She’d need 50,000 people to donate $200 in order to raise the $10 million she’d need to buy her own press again. Now, to be honest, the DFL has no one to run against her, so she may not need to run a campaign like she did in 2010. In that race, a hostile media refused to cover her positives or the fact that she fits her District and her opponent didn’t. So Bachmann controlled the message with ads.

If the 6th District ends up redistricted with out any gerrymandering, a Bachmann reelection is a mere formality if there’s no opposition. Now, the media will try to make it interesting, but with out a DFLer who anyone has ever heard of, its going to be a cake walk and a shoe string budget will work.

But, should Bachmann face a tough opponent or have her District changed, she’s going to need to be able to raise mega-bucks again and the question of whether her Presidential run has already maxed out where Republicans usually get those donations remains to be seen.

I still don’t think she will run for reelection. This money matters angle adds to my belief. Time will tell, I just hope she won’t decide in June she’s out and leave Republicans hanging to replace her.

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