Serious Concerns Regarding McCall’s Loyalty Arise

There is a serious amount of concern being raised by Republican activists regarding Terry McCall’s loyalty to the Republican Party. The fact is the chances of Ron Paul winning the Presidential nomination are slim to none. In 2008, McCall admits that he could not even hold his nose and vote for the endorsed candidate John McCain.

In an email yesterday, McCall admitted he didn’t vote for McCain in 2008.

McCall for Chair email 12/28/11: “as a deeply principled conservative I could not vote for the Republican candidate”

This is what has turned many people off. There’s a time to hash out who is the best candidate and who is right on the issues, but come the 1st Tuesday after a Monday in November of an election year, you just need to suck it up and vote for the Republican. I know that many people think that a generation of this is what led to the current state of the GOP and our country.

I counter that if you pick a good candidate to be on the ballot, you don’t have to hold your nose. But at the end of the Primary/Nomination battle, you have to unite because in the end it is us vs the DFL. You can hold true to your principles, but that comes with consequences, and that means you can’t lead an organization with the primary goal of electing Republicans.

There’s 3 key examples of where I see Terry McCall as MNGOP Chair as a huge risk.

1) Every vote counts – Senator Al Franken. Norm Coleman was a Republican Senator who many conservatives had lost trust with. Hundreds of normally reliable Republican voters ended up voting for Dean Barkley or just staying home because their principles wouldn’t allow them to simply mark the ballot for Coleman. We all probably know a few people who did that. Those votes mattered.

The decision for conservatives to send Coleman a message resulted in the radical liberal Al Franken getting an election certificate. Had just a few hundred conservatives sucked it up like I did and do what was best for the country in voting for Coleman, we wouldn’t have Obamacare. Franken was the 60th vote to force that upon us and we have principled conservatives to thank. You can argue that, but the truth is if Coleman was there, Obamacare wouldn’t have passed. Fact.

2) Paul doesn’t win nomination and runs 3rd party or a more appealing Libertarian emerges as a 3rd party candidate. This is a big one. As I said, the chance of Paul winning are nil. That isn’t going to stop his supporters from trying, the question is, what do they do afterwards? More importantly, what will they do when other people oppose them in support of their guy. One thing about some Ron Paul people is that they hate anyone who doesn’t support Paul and refuse to work with them. there’s even been a field staffer who “lost focus and effectiveness” after the Paul dream died n 2008.

Can we afford to take that risk with state party chair?  McCall’s campaign guru Corey Sax is a perfect example of this. Will people take key roles in the party with a Chair McCall only to walk away and leave us all hanging? Its a huge risk because McCall has already proven his principles matter more than party. Its easy to make a promise, and I’m not trying to smear individuals. Some outspoken folks have made their own beds and are easy targets. Others have been pleasant surprises and who I am glad to welcome to the trenches.

But given McCall’s 2008 vote against the Republican candidate, I’m not willing to take that risk. Because it is about even more than just a vote, its about being the message bearer for the GOP and in 2012, we could be in play. Calm down, I’m talking about the Senate race and Klobuchar. She’s been a rubber stamp for Obama and the GOP POTUS candidate could end up making some swings through Minnesota to tie her to Obama. Will we have a State Party Chair who is washing his hair the day the press tour is scheduled?

3) Darth-Brodkorb – Imagine McCall going full metal jacket and trying to rig the endorsement process. What if he sees his role as making sure we pick a candidate he can live with? We just saw Michael Brodkorb attack the Delegates of the State Convention for picking the wrong guy in 2010 and saying he will make sure that won’t happen again (whoops, he spoke too soon).

We all know that Paul supporters are still angry over Rochester. One of their problems is that they don’t realize people like me were angry too. The convention was a disaster and divided the base. What if next year’s state convention turns into pay back? Can we afford to see the party dissolve into a civil war? Are McCall’s principles going to trump his judgement?

The Party Chair must remain neutral. They cannot play favorites. Their opinion doesn’t and can’t matter. I helped lead the charge when former Chair Ron Carey said that he was going to head up the Mike Huckabee campaign in Minnesota. He decided that we activists weren’t supporting and working for the right candidate. He didn’t trust us.

Will McCall trust us? More importantly, if the candidates we select don’t share 100% of his principles, will he still wrk for them like they do? What if one of our candidates doesn’t jive with the platform, will he pull support for them?

Party Chair is a huge responsibility and frankly Terry McCall is not someone to hope won’t do what he did just 3 years ago. What if a Congressional candidate gets endorsed ahead of a Paul/Liberty preferred one, will the State Party not help go after Ellison, McCallum, Peterson, Walz, etc because the Chair doesn’t really care for such and such..

Sorry, we’ve had former Chairs who have done similar things, they have all the power. We’ve also had Chairs who have dumped tons of money into helping dud candidates. We’re talking about hundreds of thousands wasted on a candidate they liked who had no chance. What if a Liberty candidate gets endorsed, but has zero chance, will the party pour money into a losing effort?

All big risks folks. You have a safe choice in this race where you don’t have to worry about any of this. That’s Pat Shortridge. A vote for Terry McCall is simply rolling the dice and hoping that none this happens. Hoping that he won’t do what he did before, and that was turn his back on the Republican candidate. Again, which is fine for him to do as just a voter, just not as Republican Party Chair.

I coined a phrase that is key in politics, the only candidate who can represent you 100% of the time is yourself. I’m not saying sell out to the Ramstad/Horner RINOs, but you do have to at some point turn the guns outward and start fighting for the Republican Party, not against the people on your enemies list. And rather than have this post get any longer, I’m just going to end this.

I don’t trust McCall to not be the guy so beholden to his personal principles, that he won’t help elect the Republican candidates, and I don’t think you should either.

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