Red Meat Recall – The Marriage Amendment Mistake

Republican leaders in the Legislature fell prey to scare tactics of advisers and special interests and put the marriage amendment on the ballot for 2012. I’m not an opponent of the idea, I’m against the notion of motivating the opposing base.

Social conservatives are a fickle bunch. While their votes do matter in Republican politics, the social liberals fight much tougher and have far deeper pockets. So while Republican leaders in the state thought they’d throw some red meat to the base, they also did so for the Democrats.

Look in a time where fiscal issues and reform the behemoth state government should be the focus, we now have  national liberal groups setting up shop in Minnesota to defeat the amendment. Add to that how most people don’t care about the issue as much as social conservatives do, and well…..

A new 5 Eyewitness News/SurveyUSA poll shows a plurality of Minnesotans favor amending the state constitution to define marriage as only “between one man and one woman.”  However, for the first time in our polling on the issue this year support for the amendment drops below 50%.  In a survey of 543 registered voters, 46% favor the amendment, 40% are opposed, 4% aren’t sure and 10% say they won’t vote on the issue.  The poll’s margin of error is + – 4.3%.  Two other SurveyUSA polls from earlier this year showed support for the amendment at 62% and 51%.

(Emphasis mine)

Minnesotans are a more libertarian bunch. Outside of urban utopia-ville not many people want to have this discussion. We’re a private people. The majority of us don’t wear their beliefs on their sleeves or bumpers. You leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone – is the silent majority opinion.

I fear that this may be a huge back fire given the media unsavoriness of Republicans and conservatives in general here. Its always an up hill battle getting good media coverage, but to expect to get a fair shake on such a big hot button issue is as short sighted as I have ever seen.

With the way Democrats and their allies in the media are actually swaying opinion that the shutdown was the Legislature’s doing all alone, and how the radical progressive policies they all vote for don’t make them out of line with Minnesota centrist to center right electorate.

Oh yes, Democrats running Statewide like Klobuchar or Walz,  have to hide their connections to fringe liberal policies, minus Ellison, meanwhile they vote in lockstep with him. The media helps the coverup. People think that Klobuchar is a centrist when she is not.

So tell me again why I’m supposed to be so excited that the divisive marriage amendment is on the ballot when it means millions and millions of liberal dollars and an army of professional campaign staffers are going to be air dropped into Minnesota…. and the right side of the battle is divided, broke, and too busy attacking each other over stadiums, and for not becoming a champion of the marriage amendment.

We’re more worried about purists at the BPOU level in some places than holding the majorities and defeating Klouchar.

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