"John McClane: You know what you get for being a hero? Nothin'. You get shot at. You get a little pat on the back, blah, blah, blah, attaboy. You get divorced. Your wife can't remember your last name. Your kids don't want to talk to you. You get to eat a lot of meals by yourself. Trust me, kid, nobody wants to be that guy.
Matt Farrell: Then why you doing this?
John McClane: Because there's no body else to do it right now, that's why. Believe me, if there were somebody else to do it, I'd let them do it, but there's not. So we're doing it.
Matt Farrell: Ah. That's what makes you that guy. "

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Words To Live By
"The era of small government is over ... government has to be more proactive, more aggressive." ( Tim Pawlenty 2006)

"You're just petty politicians, who'd sooner sign onto the wisdom of a tyrant in another country, than the demands of ticked off voters in your own." (Neil Cavuto June 2008)

“I didn’t question her patriotism. I questioned her judgment.” Mr. Cheney went on: “The point I made and I’ll make it again is that Al Qaeda functions on the basis that they think they can break our will. That’s their fundamental underlying strategy, that if they can kill enough Americans or cause enough havoc, create enough chaos in Iraq, then we’ll quit and go home. And my statement was that if we adopt the Pelosi policy, that then we will validate the strategy of Al Qaeda. I said it, and I meant it.” (Vice President Cheney NYT Feb. 2007)

"A political party cannot be all things to all people. It must represent certain fundamental beliefs which must not be compromised to political expediency, or simply to swell its numbers. (Ronald Reagan March 1, 1975)

"Oh, no! First of all, if I took one vote away from a serious candidate, it would be a sin." (Al Franken Time Magazine, 9/1/03)

Unsubscribe: Batspit Crazy For Congress

Me and 380 other people were CCed on the latest garbage out of alleged Republican Lynn Torgerson’s campaign. Beware Republicans, she’s switching back to your party for 2012. She’s been appearing at Republican events recently.
I spared the mass CC response for the general public of the blog here.
To: Batspit Crazy unhelpful nutbag for Congress
Re: Your latest email which may do more to harm every Republican because you play into the stereotypes liberals like Ellison use to hide how close to Marxism that he really is from voters. Please find a closet, local the door, and do not come out until after the election.
– message —
Everyone please join me in saying “UNSUBSCRIBE” to this loon.
Here’s a bit of a refresher to people who may have seen her at recent GOP events pretending to be one of us.

 Precincts Reporting: 100.00% (222 of 222)  Last update was: 1/19/2011 11:00:41 AM  # Registered Voters
as of 7AM 11-02-10:

Results from Congressional District 05
Independence TOM SCHRUNK 7446 3.26
Republican JOEL DEMOS 55222 24.14
Democratic-Farmer-Labor KEITH ELLISON 154833 67.69
Independent LYNNE TORGERSON 8548 3.74
Independent Progressive MICHAEL JAMES CAVLAN 2468 1.08
Write-In WRITE-IN** 229 0.10
Please stop trying to help defeat Progressives like Ellison, you make the rest of us have to work so much harder because we get painted as bat shit crazy because of people like you.
With out any regards for Ms. Torgerson’s feelings because frankly you’ve not only had a chance before and this garbage was RESOUNDINGLY rejected,
Andy Aplikowski
PS: Learn how to BCC you dimwit. Anyone who can’t do that isn’t fit for Congress.
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