“Electable” Romney vs. “Conservador Compasivo” Perry & Abstention

Tim “The Era of Small Government is Over” Pawlenty says Mitt Romney is electable. The media & establishment’s other choice we’re allowed to consider is another compassionate conservative from Texas named Rick Perry.

I guess true conservative principles and a track record of conservative governing is not to be included in this 2012 nomination.

In other words, we may be ignoring the conservative principles this country needs to undo the Obama damage. We’re already slipping into the media ploy of us picking a guy that Democrats would approve of. In other words, we’re letting the media and cronies inside the beltway that helped screw up our economy and country to pick who we’re allowed to have as our nominee.

I’ve said it many times, anyone can give a speech to a room full of Republicans (except Ron Paul & Huntsman – ha ha). Point is its easy to sound conservative, to say the things that activists want to hear. Its another thing entirely to get your self elected and actually be conservative.

Neither Romney nor Perry have a good track record of that. Heck, Perry is only in the GOP field because it was easier to switch parties than to move our of Red State Texas. He was a Texas House Democrat until he eyed the Governor’s mansion. He could have just moved to another state to run for Governor and eventually President as a Democrat. After all, he did support Al Gore.

I trust neither one of them to be handed the keys to the bureaucracy and actually change the course of America. Sadly it appears that these two are all we will be allowed to have for the top of the ticket. The next question of the race is who is #2? Either one of them would be well served to pick up a VP who is an actual conservative firebrand. Bachmann, Rubio, Ryan, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, if the choice is actually between those two, I abstain. I’d still prefer Bachmann to win this and don’t agree with the hacks in the center right talking head circuit, nor the media who bet heavy that she’d lose.

Oh and goody, Sarah Palin may end up handing Obama his plurality win by pulling a Ross Perot.

It should be easy to defeat Obama, the problem is we’re too busy watching politicians stroke their egos, “commentators flexing their muscles, and the media playing Jedi mind tricks on the activists again.

It is astonishing to me to watch purported conservative and Republican leaders who quickly abandon their principles, passion, and convictions at the first sign of pressure. it tells you an awful loot about how strongly they believe in what they say they have in common with you. Remember who abandoned the true conservatives first folks.

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