The Land of 10,000 Boondoggles – Northern Lights Picking Up Steam

All aboard, next stop, insolvency. Have no fear. Just when we thought there was a glimmer of fiscal sanity in Government. You know, that maybe, just maybe, it was time to stop wasting money on political pork projects. The Northern Lights Express chop chop from the Twin Cities to Duluth is receiving a Federal thumbs up.

Conveniently, Anoka County’s website is down this morning. Once again, Anoka County taxpayers will help foot the bill on another choo chop train boondoggle. This will no doubt cause shock and awe to people who thought we had a new sheriff in town with the flip of the Commission to center right control. Two of the purportedly more conservative members are involved with the NLX board. 


Are we seriously going to spend a billion dollars to build another train on existing tracks while refusing to address real world congestion problems across the state that could be solved with this money?

Insanity is the theory of: We can’t build our way out of congestion. Any conservative Republican who doesn’t do everything in their power to stop this boondoggle had better not ever try to judge other candidates’ principles or judgement again. Ramsey is pushing to expand Northstar even though common sense will say that people can handle driving 2 miles to catch the choo choo. But no!

For some reason, the morons running this country and state think that if you build it, people will come. Meanwhile, we’re all going to be sitting in traffic. 35W is 4 decades removed from proper capacity. There are no plans to add lanes. Hwy 65 is a cluster. Hwy 10 is too. But we have no money to upgrade those to serve the people who desperately need these daily problems addressed.

But we can always find nearly a billion dollars to build a train no one needs and very very few will ever ride.


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