Speaking of Wasteful Boondoggles – Conservative Ramsey’s Progressive Push

I’ve taken flak for pointing out this boondoggle being pushing by “rock solid conservatives”. The Ramsey stop for Northstar is pushing ahead despite principle, practicality, and dire fiscal times. Following the model of well we’ve only wasted tens of millions so far, what’s a few more, and hey, we may be in the middle of no where, but we still want federal and state taxpayers to make our couple hundred people not have to deal with living in the middle of no where.

I am astonished, ashamed, and embarrassed that this is moving forward. this is a criminal use of taxpayer funds. It makes absolutely no sense to add another stop to this. If this was Franken, Klobuchar, Ellison, or some Anoka County liberals, I could at least comprehend the push, but Look, Ramsey, Sivaraja, et al are supposed Iron Ladies or fiscal hawks.

Waste fraud, abuse. Rinse, lie on campaign trail, repeat.

I am shocked that this project is moving forward.

I have the feeling that this will cost members of the Anoka County board their positions in the 2012 election. They ran against waste like this and here they are pushing for it.

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