If Only We Were The Granite State GOP

The New Hampshire GOP Chair is under fire and seems to be needing to polish his resume. He’s being removed for not meeting the expectations and for poor performance. Oddly enough, reading this paragraph made me winder why there is no similar revolt in the MNGOP Executive Committee.

Some Republicans are unhappy about recent GOP losses in special elections for House seats. Some raised concerns about the lack of cash in the party’s accounts.

We’ve lost special elections, performed horribly as a statewide election machine in the 2010 elections, and can’t even afford a tin cup to go beg for money to fill our $750,000 to a million debt donut.

If anyone thinks 2010 was the first step in making Minnesota a red state, think again. With out major changes in structure, attitudes, and policy, the Republican Party of Minnesota will suffer the same types of losses it had in the previous couple of elections.

I hate to be critical, but the more I hear about what’s going on behind the scenes and how our Executive Committee seems comfortable with it, the more depressed I get. We’re broke – and by broke I mean we hold more IOUs than we have cash on hand, have a 6 figure paid Chair now, still have a highly paid Executive Director (last one was over $90K I believe), staff that while all nice well intentioned people – don’t seem to be doing anything different, and we can’t find a candidate who will stand a chance against Klobuchar.

This off year should be about cranking open the throttle and putting the DFL on defense, but we can’t even afford gas to fill the tank. Meanwhile we can’t mount a response to the notion that Dayton saved the state from the Republican shutdown even though he ended up coming back and agreeing to the Republican plan. Yes, its the biased media, but if we don’t find a way to get the truth out there, the DFL/media lie will be taken as gospel by voters.

I’m stupefied that the higher ups in the MNGOP leadership structure all seem pleased with the performance of the state party. How much worse does it have to get? Are the Executive Committee members all happy with what is going on? Do RNC members Johnson & Anderson realize their pleas for cash for MN won’t be taken seriously with such an incompetent State party to spend it?

Come on, someone show me you actually care about winning. Because I see only people trying to protect the people who have overseen the losing. Show me you actually care someone. Anyone.

Good grief. Am I the only one who sees us losing the House, Senate, and possibly a Congress seat or two, not to mention see Obama’s lap kitty Klobuchar run away with another fraudster’s election?

Come on! Its go time. We either get going, or people do. Now is the time. Heck, 6 months ago was the time.

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