Pawlenty – Naval Gazer In Chief #tpaw #cnndebate

Ready. Set. Spin.

Its really telling how a politician can stomach being nasty one day and then demure the next. I’m talking about Pawlenty’s 24 hour reversal from Romney accuser to naval gazing Minnesota aw shucks nice the very next day. What’s even more troubling is how after he decides to back off, he denies backing off.

Pawlenty Denies he Pulled Punches on Healthcare

Its getting deep in the Tpaw spinzone. Waders required. It appears he can be easily rattled. Last night it was probably due in part by Bachmann upstaging the field and stealing all his mojo. But his refusal to call out one of the most flawed Republicans on a cornerstone issue of the 2012 Presidential race is a huge problem for him and the nation saw it.

Make no mistake, Pawlenty was given a penalty shot on Romney, but he decided to ice the puck rather than bury Mitt. And the nation saw. Don’t believe the garbage coming out of Pawlenty’s camp and clingers on, he blinked. He blew it. It could have been game over Romney, but it looks like Pawlenty is playing nice to be second fiddle. Either that or he’s just not cut out to be leader of the conservative movement. (but you know I already think that, the nation just got to see a glimpse of what Minnesota conservatives have suffered through for 8+ years)

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