Bring. It. On. – UN Coming For My Guns

As a guy whp’s had a truck most of my life, I’ve ended up helping a whole ton of people move over the years. Its just what happens. Hey, Andy has a truck, and if you’re lucky, you get some gas money. Its code. You have to help people move if you have  truck.

Well, there’s a similar thing when it comes to helping the defenseless. People with guns are more than likely willing to help defend those with out. Be it cops, our military turning scumwads in long dresses into puree, etc. There’s one group out there that wants a monopoly on gun usage, the United Nations.

What made America was guns. We’d never have crossed the Mississippi, heck, the Pilgrims would have been hosed with out guns for hunting and such. Guns gave Colonialists and early Americans the ability to take care of themselves. The UN hates that.

Guns today still help Americans feed themselves, provide for relaxation and entertainment, plus provides for self defense. The UN Hates that.

Your Democrat and RINO members of Congress & The US Senate are willing to surrender Constitutionally protected God given right to keep and bear arms over to the UN.

Stock up, buy some guns. Buy ammo. Don’t do it to use it, do it to piss off the gun grabbers like Senator Klobuchar & Barrack Obama. Go hunt, trap shoot, to the gun range and enjoy your self. Go hunting.

You are an American and no one can take that away. And if they do, trust me, they will have barked up the wrong tree. Its not a warning. Its a statement of fact that you will never get Americans to surrender their guns.

You see, there’s another reason we have them, to defend ourselves from a Government on a tyrannical radical bent.

Don’t tread on me, and do not touch my guns.

Out of my cold dead hands…..

(post written after 6 hours out in the heat)

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