Tim Pawlenty’s Conservative Renaissance – Fleebagging Before It Was Cool

Renaissance |?ren??säns; -?zäns|- a revival of or renewed interest insomething

In 2008, Republicans picked the worst possible candidate to represent the party’s conservative desires and principles of limited government to run against Barrack Obama.

I know a lot of you like Tm Pawlenty, some out of genuine fondness others due to your paychecks being the result of his aspirations. Its fine, I understand he has his pros, but I come from a school of thought that you have to grade people on merits, not accomplishments, and never on what they “want” people to know about them (the spin). Their records but more importantly how they handled the responsibilities they had, are the true test of what they will actually be like in office.

I ask an honest question in hopes of honest introspection and analysis from you and the media.  Why is Tim Pawlenty being given a free pass on his abandonment of Minnesota and the MNGOP?

He spent more time in the last 15 months campaigning for Republicans in the other 49 states than he did in his 8 years as the Head of the Republican Party in Minnesota?

Can you imagine what Minnesota would actually look like politically if Tim Pawlenty was concerned with what Republicans in his own state cared about rather than cranking up his name ID nationally and getting Republicans elected everywhere but Minnesota?

The electoral accomplishments in the 2010 Minnesota Legislative elections happened in spite of Tim Pawlenty. And you can’t help but wonder if his own seat changing party hands has something to do with him fleebagging on us during the lameduck last Legislative session. He had one foot out the door when the heat in the kitchen was highest.

The true test of a candidate’s principles is if you would be upset if a Democrat supported a policy or signed a bill. On a ton of huge issues, Tim Pawlenty let down conservatives in his state who worked very hard to get him elected at the expense of other Republicans.

It was only after the era of Tim Pawlenty that Republicans regained the House majority they had when he first got elected. I’ve spent a lot of my blogging time highlighting how Minnesota came up on the short end of the stick when it came down to Pawlenty or the Republican party as a whole, on this here blog.

Is Minnesota and more importantly, the Republican Party of Minnesota better off after 8 years of Tim Pawlenty?

My answer is no. What’s yours?

Note: Who was the 1st major name to glom on to John McCain in 2008? Tim Pawlenty

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Oh heck, I created a special category for it. McPlenty. Browse away to see the critical side of view on Tim Pawlenty.

Lord knows you won’t see it from very many other people. I get a lot of crap for my haranguing of Tim Pawlenty, but at least I am consistent. Which is something Tim Pawlenty, his record, his cheerleaders and defenders, and his recent rhetorical renaissance can’t.

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