Audit The SOS

If you’ve ever been through an audit by a government entity, you know that they don’t except any gaps in documentation nor do they tolerate anything that can’t be easily verified.

But when it comes to elections in Minnesota, its best guess and fingers crossed.

I think it times to look at serious reforms to our election system and process. First of which would be to Amend the Constitution to make the SOS an appointed position with confirmation by the Senate. This would remove any chances of too clever by half Progressives who are part of a grand scheme to fix elections.

What';s the best way to fix an election? Make damn sure there is no paper trail for them to follow.

If you sent Revenue Department Auditors to audit the election system, they’d be throwing red flag after red flag…. if it was a private business. But since its Government, no one dares to care if the numbers don’t add up and after a hard fought election, here we are unsure of what really happened.

Audit the Election!

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