Sunny With A Chance Of Scattered Kitchen Sinks

Let me try to put on my best faux outrage hat here.

Tom Emmer’s pick for his runningmate worked on a report that said the Lt. Governor position was obsolete and could be eliminated. That’s right, someone running for Lt. Governor once said that the very position they are seeking could be eliminated.

The hypocrisy, the horror, the nerve.

I’ll take a break while you collect yourselves, I know this has to be very VERY troubling to us all.

[2 minutes pass]

OK, now that you have stopped hyperventilating, let’s take a look at something here.

Remember the ballot back in 1998? Me neither, but it had something on it back then that the ones since haven’t. We used to have a State Treasurer. But in 1998, while we had a Republican running for the position, there was also a Constitutional Amendment to eliminate the position. His name was Kevin Knight. I suppose Marty Seifert was outraged back then considering he voted for the Amendment to be on the ballot and a Republican was running for it.

That Amendment passed 56 % to 44%.




Be careful for flying kitchensinks the next 3 days. Until the endorsement for Republican Governor candidate in Minnesota is over, you are likely to see just about everything you can imagine, make up, or pretend is the truth throw at Emmer and Meeks. Seifert’s campaign is desperate and out of options.

Delegates pretty much know where they each stand on the issues. On that, Emmer had a lead. Seifert was out of anything he could do to expose more of his appealing side, so he and his campaign climbed down into the gutter and launched the DWI smears. And oh yes, they are smears.

Emmer still had a trick up his sleeve. Not a dubious trick, but a smart campaign step held until as late as possible. While Seifert was forced to announce his runningmate in February to try to stop his downward momentum. It didn’t work save for a small pocket of her friends and political circle of ‘influence’.

Seifert’s campaign managed to squander a 10% lead from the Precinct Caucus poll. His campaign allowed Emmer to pull ahead in the Congressional Convention polls. And Emmer had yet to announce his runningmate. Again, on the issues, the Delegate knew pretty much all they could know, and Emmer was already ahead.

And now that Tom Emmer has announced Annette Meeks as his runningmate, well, Emmer’s flight to the endorsement has been cleared for takeoff. Now look, Seifert was a good Legislator for us. He’s really really wanted to be Governor for a long time and one has to feel bad for him. He and his cronies have spent years building their campaign and frontrunner status.

For a whole lot of Delegates who support Emmer, it isn’t that we dislike Seifert, we just like Emmer and his appeal better. Sure, some of us think the DWI and other smears are beyond the code of ethics and have tarnished what was previously a good Republican’s legacy. But still, its not like we are seeing a Jim Abeler or Ron Erhart vs Tom Emmer contest.

Both Emmer and Seifert are good conservatives. Yes, both have some faults or hiccups in their voting or issue part of their record. On those differences, Seifert’s are more of a turnoff for me. He’s been a big supporter of green environmentalism be it Ethanol subsides, wind, and then there’s that Midwest Renewable Energy Standard crap.

So let’s set that aside and look at the guys on the stump. Everyone and their 2nd cousin has had the chance to see Marty Seifert speak a number of times. He’s made sure his floor speeches are out there. We can predict the zingers and one liners because he mistakenly over saturated himself in the base’s vision.

Emmer was a guy most of us heard of, but only as a firey Legislator or that guy who did that one thing at that convention once. He left an impression, but not verbatim quotable due to repetition. As more and more Delegates got to see and hear him upclose, the appeal of Emmer was unstoppable.

The Republican endorsement is not a popularity contest like the DFL. It isn’t about what you have done, or how long you’ve been there. The DFL is more interested in someone who may have a chance at winning, then actually governing. Republicans are looking for someone who is electable, but more importantly will hold the their principles once elected.

Performance is our key character trait. Add to that the electability factor and the cream rises to the top. For both of our front runners, we’d be pretty well served if either wins, I can safely say that was how most people felt before the DWI smears of last week. For people like me, who thinks that politicians who want a job so badly that they’ll do anything to get it, are the same sort of politicians who will do anything to keep it.

Tom Emmer is the guy who I supported from the beginning. I know Tom, I like Tom, I trust Tom. And that’s the big key. So here we are, 48 hours before the endorsement. Seifert has been out of positive options for a week. He’s been firing torpedo after torpedo at Emmer’s ship that’s sailing fast and straight to home port. The Meeks announcement was like the ship ahead in the final leg hoisting a massive sail to catch even more wind and widen the lead.

So watch out everyone for kitchensinks flying through the air. Seifert’s campaign is trying to not only sink the Emmer ship, but shred the Meeks sail. Seifert and his campaign’s only hope is to knock Emmer off course. It is going to get nasty, real nasty these next couple days. Seifert is going to throw everything and the kitchensink at Emmer and Meeks.

The attacks about her having analyzed the Lt. Governor position and been part of a report saying the office could be eliminated and thus she and Emmer are hypocrits, is laughable, but a sign that things are going to be very interesting. He knows he is down and it will take a hailmary to catch up.

Heads up everyone, there may be kitchensinks flying around between now and Friday.

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