"John McClane: You know what you get for being a hero? Nothin'. You get shot at. You get a little pat on the back, blah, blah, blah, attaboy. You get divorced. Your wife can't remember your last name. Your kids don't want to talk to you. You get to eat a lot of meals by yourself. Trust me, kid, nobody wants to be that guy.
Matt Farrell: Then why you doing this?
John McClane: Because there's no body else to do it right now, that's why. Believe me, if there were somebody else to do it, I'd let them do it, but there's not. So we're doing it.
Matt Farrell: Ah. That's what makes you that guy. "

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"The era of small government is over ... government has to be more proactive, more aggressive." ( Tim Pawlenty 2006)

"You're just petty politicians, who'd sooner sign onto the wisdom of a tyrant in another country, than the demands of ticked off voters in your own." (Neil Cavuto June 2008)

“I didn’t question her patriotism. I questioned her judgment.” Mr. Cheney went on: “The point I made and I’ll make it again is that Al Qaeda functions on the basis that they think they can break our will. That’s their fundamental underlying strategy, that if they can kill enough Americans or cause enough havoc, create enough chaos in Iraq, then we’ll quit and go home. And my statement was that if we adopt the Pelosi policy, that then we will validate the strategy of Al Qaeda. I said it, and I meant it.” (Vice President Cheney NYT Feb. 2007)

"A political party cannot be all things to all people. It must represent certain fundamental beliefs which must not be compromised to political expediency, or simply to swell its numbers. (Ronald Reagan March 1, 1975)

"Oh, no! First of all, if I took one vote away from a serious candidate, it would be a sin." (Al Franken Time Magazine, 9/1/03)

A Very Special Dear Andy Comment From John Boehner & Eric Cantor – (Why I Do What I Do)

For *my* critics who think this blog is irrelevant.

The following was posted on Minority Leader Boehner’s GOP website and then transfered to Residual Forces shortly there after.

Dear Andy,

We wanted to respond to your letter to us last week and to assure you that regardless of what inside-the-beltway media writes or what unnamed “sources” it quotes, we are proud to serve with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

She has been a consistent and strong voice for the American taxpayer in Washington from the day she took office. And, despite the taunts and insults that the media elites and liberals hurl at her, she never wavers in her commitment to fiscal responsibility.

Republicans in Congress – buoyed by the American people who have risen up against the Democrat tide in Washington – are fighting against bad policies. Their health care prescription is bad policy. Their cap and trade national energy tax is bad policy. Their tax-and-spend agenda is bad policy. We’re strong in our opposition and vibrant in the alternatives we offer.

Republicans have real solutions. And, that includes Congresswoman Bachmann, who has introduced positive solutions for health care reform, budget reform, energy independence, and more. We’re the Party of real hope and change.

When the other side can’t come up with arguments to defend their policies, they turn to personal attacks against their detractors. Congresswoman Bachmann stands shoulder to shoulder with her constituents and that really seems to irk some on the left. We fully expect that despite the best attempts of the media and the liberals, Michelle will continue to be a strong voice for freedom, smaller government, and better solutions.


John Boehner
Republican Leader

Eric Cantor
Republican Whip

Now, some people in the party in Minnesota see me as the problem. But what I do is rely on instinct, principles, and passion when it comes to RF. Some people don’t like that or what it leads to. Many many others do. Chances are those of my fellow Minnesotans who fall into the former category either have (or envy of) people with window offices near the Capital in St. Paul OR occupy (or envy) the people with cubicles in that building down on Plato.

I do open up cans of whoopass (when time permits) when I see liberals do what they do with power and that is abuse it and use it to subdue freedom. But, unlike too many with the power on the right, I don’t bite my tongue when I see someone who falls onto the center right of the isle do something or say something I feel is wrong.

In the case of my post:

A Very Special Dear John Letter From Andy Aplikowski To John Boehner – CC: Eric Cantor

I saw what I feared was the new face of the national GOP, throwing an outspoken, but dead on right, conservatives under the bus. I’m glad to know the Politico reporter was ‘willfully suspending disbelief’ in their story. Oh I am sure some would say that I should have called Boehner to ….. But let’s be real.

Sorry, Politico was “reporting” that the House Republican leaders were throwing MY Congresswoman under the bus. MY Congresswoman who I agree with and believe is fighting the fight too few are willing to. She’s putting her neck on the political line for my beliefs because we have a common belief that ‘our way’ happens to be on the path to recovery and American freedom. I read something, had an emotional response, posted on it, and guess what.

The Republican leaders caught wind that someone out there who mattered to their success was upset about what they saw and rather then try to demonize them, they responded and took action. I hope others realize the power of simply stating your discontent with what you see and read. You may be surprised what happens. In some cases, you might find out that your political leaders are listening, not undermining.

Who knows, maybe they will realize what a gem they do have, like say Congresswoman Bachmann.

And now, time to donate. I just did. I think they may be worthy.

Thank you Reps. Boehner and Cantor for proving me wrong.

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