Lunacracy In Action – Absence Matters – Destructive Energy Bill Stalled, “Less” Destructive One Passes

Lunacracy – A form of Government where reality and common sense are excluded from the debate, where special interest groups have more clout than the average citizens being governed. The Constitution is not to be considered a binding blueprint for the role and powers of such Government.

Lunacrat – An elected official who is more concerned with special interest support than doing what is right for the people they were elected to represent.

In what can only be seen to us commoners as insanity and special interest pandering, the US Senate passed an energy bill this week. Now the one they passed is not as bad as the one the US House did, but in the end, it really does nothing to produce cheaper energy, and is all about limiting your choices in your personal energy consumption.

Thanks to a Democrat the House version failed, yep, we owe a Democrat thanks for stopping energy insanity. Sen Landrieu (D-LA) joined 39 Republicans in voting against cloture (to sustain the filibuster). Sen. John McCain (RINO AZ) was absent from the close vote. But that is probably a good thing since he is an environutter and would probably have voted for it.

Sen. Norm Coleman (Sierra Club MN) voted for cloture and the final bill’s passage. He joined with Sen. Klobuchar and scores of other Democrats, and RINOs (on the issue) to pass this devastating bill. Conveniently absent in the final roll call were Sens. Clinton, Obama, McCain…. well pretty much all those running for President. But they were there for the cloture vote, minus McCain, so they were taking the spineless route of having it both ways. They did vote for it, before they didn’t vote for it. (was it a ploy to appease the automoaker’s unions?)

Now the bill that passed is still devastating, or will be for us, the American citizen. Congress has doubled down on the fettish with renewables and ludicrous efficiency standards.

The car companies will have to achieve an industrywide average 35 mile per gallon for cars, small trucks and SUVs over the next 13 years, an increase of 10 mpg over what the entire fleet averages today.

That is insane! It may not sound insane since no one that is pushing it will tell you the truth, but that doesn’t mean it is not insane. “Industrywide” means that businesses will be crippled. The vehicles that plumbers, contractors, landscapers, etc rely on to carry their equipment and gear to jobs will be hampered greatly. You can’t get 35 MPG in a truck that can carry several hundred pounds of equipment safely. You can’t tow a trailer full of lawnmowers with a Prius.

Seriously folks, even in the best uber environutter hybrids of today, you can barely get better than 35 MPG. A 2007 Toyota Prius only gets an average 46 MPG. For those of us who have actually seen one of these vehicles, we know it is in no way capable of any sort of load carrying. You’ll never be able to carry sheetrock or tow a trailer with such a small vehicle.

So you say, well what about hybrid truck. They are afterall starting to make them. Surely, since envirolunacy makes complete and perfect sense, a hybrid pick up will easily get 35 MPG, so it will be easy for Detroit to meet this mandate. Let’s take a look at the 2007 GMC Sierra Hybrid’s federal MPG rating.


That’s right, even a hybrid pickup only gets 16 MPG.

How does that compare to a regular powertrain?

Here’s the numbers for a 4 wheeldrive 1/2 ton Sierra with the 5.3L Flex Fuel engine.


That’s right, you get just one stinking mile per gallon better out of a hybrid. Oh and like the good little free market lover I am, I grabbed the Fed’s MPG comparison that had the E-85 ratings. Notice the huge decline in miles per gallon when you pump E-85 into it? (Take note of that. I’ll get into the other reason this bill sucks so badly in a minute.)

Well, some of the kool aid drinkers who support this crap (I am talking to you Coleman and Pawlenty) probably think that American automakers are just behind the learning curve on this, and the great minds that brought us the Globe saving Prius, surely have figured out that you can’t just throw a gas guzzeling engine into trucks nowadays. Toyota has a relatively successful light truck line here in America, so surely they have broken the gas guzzler trend. Let’s look at their most fuel efficient 1/2 ton truck for comparison.

Here’s a 2 wheel drive 4.0L 6 cylinder Tundra.


A whopping 2 MPG average improvemet from the Sierra. But what do you have to give up?

A 2008 Sierra with the 5.3L engine, which is questionable at best for heavy commercial use like towing and hauling heavy loads, can hold 1900 (approx) pounds in the bed and tow up to 8900 pounds depending on the truck configuration (reg, ext crew cab, long or short box, rear end ratio).

The more fuel efficient Tundra can haul 1600 pounds (approx) and tow just 5100 pounds max. (source: 08 Toyota )

In order to get your self a couple miles per gallon better, you have to sacrifice a heck of a lot of capability in the truck. Now these are just the low end of the light truck scale. When you get up to the 3/4 ton pick ups and vans, the backbone of America’s work fleets, their capabilities blow these away, and they have to in order to do the work required. In the past, these were excluded from the mandates, or they were low enough to take these into account, but Industry wide, means industry wide, doesn’t it?

The Federal Government is going to mandate that these trucks get 3 times better mileage. You say, “but it is a fleet wide average”, so these trucks don’t really have to get 35MPG. Oh, but as you saw with the Prius, it only gets 46 MPG. That wouldn’t make up the gap for the new Federal mandate for even Toyota’s most fuel efficient 1/2 ton truck. That average of the Prius and small Tundra is just 31.5MPG.

Most automakers have already been doing everything they can to work with in the existing numbers, and cutting every corner possible in their car fleets to meet today’s CAFE standards. In order to go to the new mandate, they will have to cut capabilities in trucks, cutmore performance in the cars, or start to reduce the weight of the vehicles. And that my friends is going to cut into safety and productivity big time.

Congress is taking the easy way out. Rather than do the right thing and tell these special interests to shove it, and concentrate on clean/lower emissions that will actually result in a cleaner world, nope they are catering to the desires of groups that want to kill the American automobile industry. Shame on everyone who voted for this bill, and all of its previous incarnations. It is possible to be a good steward to the environment, with out drinking out of Al Gore’s altar of Man made global warming lunacy.

Now imagine you have a toilet backed up, and need a plumber. Do you think they can haul their power snake in a Prius? Then imagine yourself stuck in traffic behind a truck hauling lawnmowers or a bob cat with out the power to make it to highway speeds. Or maybe you’re in the SUV of the future that is big enough for yourself, 4 kids, and spouse when you get rearended. A vehicle large enough for your family, will have to be lighter to meet the new mandates, endangering your family.

That is what the US Senate made a reality this week. The end of what made America great. The American automobile and truck is now on the endangered species list.

Now back to the Ethanol dilemma Congress has created.

And it would boost use of ethanol to 36 billion gallons a year by 2022, a nearly sixfold increase, and impose an array of new requirements to promote efficiency in appliances, lighting and buildings.

They just up the industrywide MPG averages they want automakers to meet, then on top of that they throw more cold water on an already struggeling market and push ethanol down their/our throats. Well, as we saw above, Ethanol lowers miles per gallon drastically in vehicles. Meaning the higher the concentration of ethanol mandated be sold in every gallon that goes into a vehicle, the lower the overall miles per gallon will be, so the vehicle will have to be even more efficient, resulting in lower performance and safety.

Even at today’s levels of Ethanol production, the entire American economy and population is feeling the heat. Food prices are soaring due to food resources being diverting toward vehicle fuels. Then there is the impact on the environment, which is arguably worse then gasoline. Water is consumed at over a 4 to 1 ratio to produce ethanol.

Which means 140 billion gallons of water will be consumed just in the refining process of the corn to turn it into fuel. That doesn’t even count the water used to grow the corn. The impact of pesticides and herbicides used to grow it, or the pollution from the agricultural runoff. Environutter groups are starting to oppose the renewables, because of their destructive impact on the environment.

Ethanol is not as readily transported as gasoline is. It is more unstable, and has a far shorter shelf life so it is not as market flexible as regular gasoline. You can’t stock up on it for peak seasons. It has to be produced locally and shipped by truck. That diverts resources for regular gas production and distribution, and thus raises those prices.

And after all that, the Government has to pick up a big chunk of the tab in order to get people to produce this stuff. There are Federal and State subsidies that make it very profitable for farmers and distillers/refineries to make this stuff. Unfortunately, it is raising prices on countless other product sectors. That is exactly the wrong thing the American family needs right now, an increase in expenses for daily needs.

You see, you can’t have it both ways. It is a fact, aparently Washington refuses to acknowledge, that most of America needs big vehicles that can’t safely meet these new mandates. I know a lot of you uber liberal lunacrats think you don’t need one of those big SUVs or trucks, but you do need plumbers, contractors, and the like. Have you ever moved? how many trips would it take in that Prius? You do need trucks too. This energy bill may not only kill off the American car manufactures, but also our way of life. They are literally trying to make it impossible for us to live the way we do.

Shame on anyone who voted for this Energy bill. It did nothing but prove that the real power in this country is in the hands of fringe special interests who have the worst intentions for us, the American citizen.

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