Murtha Pacifist in Chief, A Decade of Defeatism

Rep. John Murtha is in no way going to allow the United States to be victorious in the war on terror.

WASHINGTON — A powerful Democrat and Iraq war foe said he intends to introduce legislation in the coming weeks that would effectively end President Bush’s plans to send 21,500 more troops into Iraq by setting limits on which troops can be sent.

Using an unusual medium — a recorded interview posted on the Internet — Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., said his bill would prevent troops from being sent back to Iraq too soon or too poorly equipped. Troops being sent back to Iraq for another tour would have to stay in the United States at least one year before being redeployed. The bill would also end “stop-loss” policies by preventing the president from retaining troops in Iraq after their enlistments expire.

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Murtha, who is chairman of the defense subcommittee to the House Appropriations Committee, said he is formulating legislation with teeth because he doesn’t think Bush’s plan to send more troops to Baghdad and al Anbar province would accomplish the goals of bringing peace to the country or returning troops home sooner.

Murtha has a history of being a pacifist. He was the one who got President Clinton to retreat from Mogadishu after Clinton sent Army Rangers into a battle under equipped. You remember Black Hawk down, don’t you? Probably not, most Americans quickly forget what defeat does to our enemy. But Al Queada remembers. We were fighting against al Queada in Somalia, and bin Laden boasted of our retreat then as a victory for his holy war against the US.

Representative Murtha was pivotal in that defeat.

For instance, Rowan Scarborough with the Washington Times at that point reported on September 6, 1993:

“Foes of America’s lingering military involvement in Somalia will force the first congressional debate on the policy this month, just as some senior Democrats begin to question President Clinton’s open-ended troop commitment.”

“House aides say other senior Democrats, like Rep. John Murtha, chairman of the House Appropriations subcommittee on defense, are privately expressing concerns.”

On September 22, 1993, an Associated Press story stated:

“Exasperated by the long-running U.S. military involvement in Somalia, a congressional panel voted Wednesday to impose conditions on President Clinton’s ability to deploy forces for future humanitarian operations.”

“Murtha, who has urged Clinton to withdraw U.S. forces from Somalia, recalled that President Bush told him last December, when troops first were sent to the war-torn region, that they would be out by Inauguration Day.

“‘I don’t know whose inauguration,’ Murtha quipped.”

On September 30, 1993, Rowan Scarborough reported for the Washington Times:

“Members of Congress said yesterday that President Clinton must settle affairs in Somalia before Congress will go along with a potentially more dangerous peacekeeping mission in Bosnia.

“Meanwhile, they continued to send signals that the president will bring American troops home from Somalia short of achieving security goals put forth in August.

“‘We’re going to have a hard time passing any kind of resolution to go into Bosnia if we continue the confrontation in Somalia,’ said Rep. John Murtha, Pennsylvania Democrat and chairman of the House Appropriations subcommittee on defense.

“‘Our welcome has been worn out,’ Mr. Murtha said on NBC’s ‘Today’ show, adding that Mr. Clinton has been ‘listening to our suggestions. And I think you’ll see him move those troops out very quickly.’

“With those comments, Mr. Murtha joined a small but influential list of Democratic lawmakers who have publicly urged the president to change the mission in Somalia.”

Murtha is Pelosi’s true guiding light in Defense issues, or should we say pacifism. SOTH Pelosi wanted this guy to be the Majority leader, and many Democrats and Liberal activists see Murtha as the role model for Congress because of his anti-war credentials. For public imagery, Murtha was denied the leadership position, but he was given a Chairmanship of the most important committee that oversees matters of national defense. He is going to manipulate the military from his perch in Congress.

Terrorists took over Somalia and had a safe haven until just recently when Ethiopia cleansed the city of the terrorists. Thanks to Murtha’s defeatism over a decade ago, armed conflict took place recently. Pacifism is not a sound military policy. Heck all pacifism does is guarantee war in the future.

Today’s defeatists can rest assured that if Murtha is successful, and he does force a retreat from Iraq, in the not so distant future the US will be back in Iraq cleaning up another one of the messes pacifism created.

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