Pansy Republicans Are Aiding Our Enemy’s Ally – Murtha

Rep. Jack ‘RUN’ Murtha had major plans ahead for ensuring defeat.

Stepping up his campaign against the White House, Murtha, chairman of the House defense appropriations subcommittee, told Tom Andrews, a former congressman-turned-activist, in the online interview that he would attach so many conditions to an upcoming spending bill for Iraq that the Pentagon would not be able to find enough troops to carry out the president’s “surge” plan.

So while all you see in the MSM is how Congress is passing this non-binding resolution, you had better look behind Pelosi’s power curtain. She has placed the pacifist Murtha in charge of exactly the right Committee to put an end to any and all US military force.

Sadly Pansy asses like MN RINO Jim Ramstad are helping Democrats force America to lose the war against terror. You were either with us or against when this war started, it is a damn shame members of the US Congress are now against us, the United States.

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