Phil Krinkie is My Guy

The following is my own personal opinion and not that of any group I may be affiliated with.

I am supporting Phil Krinkie for the Republican endorsement in the 6th District. I do not mean any ill will to the other candidates, but I believe Krinkie is the best candidate of the four. He is the true fiscal conservative of this race.

I wish that all our state legislators would run for Congress. Since 3 of the 4 in the 6th are sitting state legislators, their votes were very carefully watched by the delegates, and it was very evident. They knew they had to vote a certain way to get the support, and all 3 did very well. But one of them didn’t need to change, that was Krinkie. He was the same guy he has been all 16 years he’s been in the House. He didn’t need to change his voting style for this race, it was already the envy of the others running which was clear to me by how they were trying to steal it from him.

Jim Knoblach: I had a conversation last week with a Knoblach supporting state Legislator who was trying to get me to support Knoblach, and he told me that “the fiscal conservative thing isn’t that big a deal and it was about getting stuff done”. I stopped him and asked, “If fiscal conservatism isn’t the big deal of this race, why are Knoblach and Bachmann trying so hard to make people think they are just like (or better) than Krinkie on the issue?” He replied back, “Good point.” I hardly even know who Knoblach was before this race, but the man that introduced himself to the 6th District in this race was not the man I barely knew. A true fiscal Conservative he is not. Sure this year has been good, but his lifetime Taxpayer’s League lifetime rating cannot be overlooked he’s got a 73 lifetime rating. He’s also been willing to throw in $200,000 of his own money just to say he has the most money. He didn’t need it, he could have always done it when he did it anyways. If he will throw his own money around like that, what will he do with mine? I am very worried about a Republican holding on to the seat if he does leave, considering the recent troubles the Republicans had during the special election in December. I think he’d make a fine Speaker of the House should the GOP hold it this year.

Michele Bachmann: From the very first moment that Bachmann came into this race, I was very worried. The marriage issue is her only claim to fame, and I did not want to see this race turn into a marriage referendum. The Democrats and the media would have a field day demonizing all Republicans by destroying Bachmann. It would be their only purpose of the year. Tear Bachmann limb from limb, and so go the Republicans statewide. There are too many other important issues before the District, and besides shouldn’t marriage be a right for states to decide, not Congress? Then why is she somehow the best candidate? The fumbling of getting the amendment through the MN Senate was just the last straw with me. Added on top of that all the other bungling from her campaign, the negative attacks, the lies and misstatements about her own and others’ records. Her lifetime rating from the Taxpayer’s League is 92. Then there is her campaign workers. I have never seen people so willing to alienate people even though those same people would be needed sometime in the very near future. (Cut their nose off despite their face.) I do not want some one to represent me in Congress who is willing to do and say anything to get elected. How can you trust someone like that? I’d like her to stay and finish what she started in the Senate. The Marriage Amendment and the Tax Payer’s Bill of Rights were both her missions, and as of now they are left unaccomplished. Oh and I suppose I should be brutally honest here. The whole poor me, I’m a woman and they are being mean to me thing only works if A) You aren’t the one who launched the first attacks, and B) They are simply pointing out the facts that you have been lying about.

Phil Krinkie is a guy I grew up around. He was my Representative as a boy, and a friend of my Mother’s. He IS the fiscal conservative in the MN House, a record few even wanted before this race. He is opposed to Northstar and other boondoggle trains. He has voted more consistently against the expansion of Government and increased spending than almost any other Legislator. He is not afraid to look a Governor or fellow Republican in the eye and say that they are dead wrong on supporting taxpayer funding for stadiums with out their approval. He is known as ‘Dr. No’ for a reason, he has said it far more than Knoblach and Bachmann, a history they are trying to rewrite in this campaign. Krinkie has a 96 lifetime rating from the Taxpayer’s League. The facts of that one are undeniable.

I feel Krinkie is the best one to represent me in Congress, plus I feel he is the best one to keep Mark Kennedy’s seat in the red column. His record is unquestionable as a Conservative Republican, and no matter who the Democrats select, he has an advantage. Tinklenberg is a moderate Democrat and Patty Wetterling is well-known, but a big liberal who doesn’t know how to answer a question. Phil Krinkie is the guy who can beat them both because he is right on ALL the issues. He’s a tough campaigner, a true hero of the Taxpayer’s, and I’d be proud to have him as my next Congressman.

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