I’m Baaaaaaack Again

Boy, just checked Sitemeter, and I’m thinking there may may be something to not posting for days. OK, I could never do that. It’s been killing me not to write.

Alright, let’s get down to it. I got the roofing done, thanks to reinforcements from work. I had a guy come up who used to roof for a living. (And that is two years in the roofing business.) So, she’s done, and the mess of old roofing is all cleaned up. Never again, until I do the second half. (Volunteers?)

Every bone aches. My feet are numb. I have discovered muscles that I never knew I had. I drank more water than you could beleive, almost a case and a half in 3 days. I worked from 8 AM until sunset Staurday, Sunday, Monday, and until 4PM Tuesday. (Had a National Night Out deal to get to.) In reality I should have planned a week for it. (not to mention an army of illegals. :wink: )

So she’s ready for the my Liberal family member’s use this coming weekend. (I have a sis with 4 sons (Who worship their Conservative Uncle, mind you !!!!!!) who is coming up to hang out and chill) So I desperately had to get it done.

I’ll live. I’ll get some more photos up tomorrow. I haven’t really wetted the appetite to come to RF’s weekend getaway (and manual labor) yet I realized.

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