Gone Roofing, But in the Mean time, Can Someone Mentally Slap this Moonbat Upside the Earlobe?

I’m heading to the cabin to do some roofing. I’ve got 22 bundles of shingles, plywood, nail guns, and stuff like that all loaded up and I’m out of here.

But whilst I’m gone, can someone take the time to edificate this moonbat in my comments on Jane Fonda’s demoralization tour?

Here is what Yves Gagne said:

If Americans are not too popular around the world it is because of the bunch of ignorant right wing zombies who wrote most of the comments herein


Did you think Ho Chi Minh would attack the U.S. in a canoe?
Are you still looking for W.M.D’s?
Do you think the 17 countries that you bombed should love you?
Do you still believe Saddam & Osama were football buddies?
Do you think your army uses vegetable oil? (they’re on Coke)
Did you know Cheney, Wolfowitz & Co. planned the war in 1992?
Why is there only you and Israel against most U.N. resolutions?
Why only the U.S. refused the Kyoto accord?
Who used the atomic bomb?
Who killed most of their native population?
Who enslaved, beat & lynched Blacks?
Which country achieved wealth by stealing from every other country?

If you cannot answer these questions, you at least should shut up and thank God the U.S. have a Jane Fonda

I know it isn’t worth the time, but it’s my homework assignment for you.

I’ll be back Sunday night to check your work.

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