Bachmann Revisited RF

So, I had my sit down with Senator Bachmann lastnight.

Quick background here, I’m a local GOP BPOU Chair and also a 6th CD Delegate, so I’m in contact with all the candidates for the 6th. I’ve had chances to talk to all the candidates, and am willing to have sit downs with all of them. Bachmann’s campaign asked, and I accepted. All are welcome. I will decide nothing until at least January, so feel free Phil, Jim, Jay, and Cheri.
She will sign a pledge regarding the 6th CD race, she was willing to sign whatever. She offered to sign “50” of them on the spot! I didn’t have it, so she’ll be working with the 6th CD to get something finalized in its exact form.

War on Terror. I flat out asked her if she supported Iraq. That’s my biggest test for anyone. If they see the benefits of Saddam’s removal and the importance of winning in Iraq as a positive and necessity, I know they understand. And she considered it a must. She said that it was proof that if we weren’t in Iraq, fighting, who knows what would happen here and abroad.

Her removal from theRepublican Leadership position from the Minnesota Senate. She was canned. She authored a bill that would have removed the cigarette fee from the Health and Human Services bill. That’s why. The Senate GOP leadership didn’t want this go ahead. And as a result, she was canned from leadership. As were other members like Sen. Chris Gerlach. She went ahead anyways, even got some DFL votes, even though the amendment failed, and thus our esteemed Senate Republican Minority leader canned her.

Why she feels she is the best candidate for the 6th. She’s a conservative woman. Strong on tax issues and budget issues that conservatives look for. Pro-life. And Pro-local education. She is against No Child Left Behind, and feels it is costing more money to impliment than it is worth. It is draining valuable funds from education on National testing, rather local controls. She knows what it takes to win. She is already doorknocking in the 6th. She has the most money from individual doners, which is an obvious sign of support. And with Wetterling’s stalled US Senate campaign, she will probably try again for the DFL in the 6th. Having Bachmann v Wetterling makes women vote on issues, unlike Wetterling v a “man”. She’s won some very hard races already in her career, and knows what it takes. She’s already represented a large number of the people in the current 6th CD, she’s from Anoka, and feels she is best suited to represent the districts Republicans.

We also spent some time talking about the trainwreck of a Legislative session. I think it’s safe to say that she shares many of my grievances. I’ll let her go public for her self. But she had 2 main big problems with the session that she felt people really had to know about.

One was the fact that the Republican leadership officials made the Republican Legislators contradict the GOP Party Platform and issues we are supposed to support. The Health and Human Services bill had good Pro-Life legislation in it, that anyone would support, BUT it also had the cigarrette “fee” (which she only called a tax, repeatedly). She herself put forward an amendment to pull that out of the bill, for this very reason, but that failed and ended up costing her Assistant Minority Leadership spot. She knows that this one thing will be on every DFL candidate’s lit peices next year. It will come back to bite every Republican, because they looked like hypocrits. So some Republicans broke their pledges or did vote for tax increases, but if they didn’t they’d have voted against Pro-Life legislation. No win situation, thanks to leadership.

Two was the one and only Constitutional Amendment that will be on the 2006 ballot. It is regarding transportation funding. The Amendment if passed as is by voters next November, would dedicate that 100% of vehicle license fees to transportation. Sounds great, right? BUT!!!!!!! The way the bill ended up, by the Governor’s demand, a minimum of 40% of the money would be required to go to transit (busses, trains, etc.) and no more than 60% of the money could be spent on actual roads and highways. The ratio there SUCKS! But get this, the way the Amendment is worded, leaves open the possibility for any percentage over 40% to be spent on transit, 50%, 60%, heck all the way up to 99%. There is no top limit on how much could be spent on transit, but there is on roads. WTF!!!!!!! We could see them spend 80% on trains and only 20% on roads.
This Amendment has to die. She and a few others are astonished that even though the Governor vetoed the transportation bill, this terrible piece of it survivied, and was repassed. It was one of the worst parts of it. There will be an attempt to reword the the Amendment before the election, but that will be tough she feels. So it will be up to the conservative citizens and bloggers to take this damn thing down, or we’ll have more trains to nowhere.

The meeting was about an hour, and took place at my kitchen table. Both of us had to run to other meetings, and I thought we left it at that at 6:30PM.

But no, about 7:30PM I got a call from her “people” and they wanted to come to Keegan’s. They called me for directions. I was in the middle of the beast, downtown Minneapolis, fighting to get AM1280 the Patriot and a cell signal while manuvering the chopped up streets, thanks Hiawatha line. For some mysterious reason I was driving through downtown, following the lightrail tracks and both my radio and cell phone went incommunicato. I was at a stoplight and looked at the building to get my bearings. Star Tribune, I think they actually have a jammer on that place to block AM1280’s signal, because as soon as I pulled a few hundred feet a way, my radio stopped sounding like a boiling cat’s screech.

off track

So, Sen. Bachmann came down to Keegan’s I was late enough to be forced to pair up with anothe rguy who was late. 2 man team, sitting at Terri’s table. He likes to watch people answer the questions he writes, and shake his head. I’m sure he has a sore neck today.

So Bachmann made it and asked me to introduce everyone. I’m terrible with names. I know most people by url or “handle”, but not by face. I did my best. Watercooler Wisdom, The Nightwriter, Bogus Gold, Policy Guy, Anti-Strib, Mitch, Brian, the Nihlist Gang, Mr. & Mrs. Martin, Westover, and a few local newspaper columnists were there. (I know I am forgetting some one, sorry) I took her around to the little guys, and left it up to her to jump the rope lines to get to the gliterati table to meet them. She spent an hour aqt Keegan’s and had a good chance to talk with the gathered MOBsters.
Here’s bachmann with Mitch, Brian, and some Guys in Golf Pants. Note the “Vote for Pedro” shirt Bachmann is sporting.

Here’s a photo that will undoubtedly connect the daisychain dots for some local moonbats.

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