6th Congressional District Pledge

Updated: As per an email I got, I have tweaked the verbage of the Pledge. (No offense RepMN) I’ve added the general election, that other candidates support the endorsed one, and an attempt at wording it so that if no one is endorsed at the convention the others will support the ultimate candidate on the general election ballot. Any help from you legal folks would be appreciated.

Republican Minnesota, a new blog and worth the time to read, has a pledge up regarding the 6th CD Republican endorsement.

We, the Republican candidates for the 6th Congressional seat, hereby promise not to challenge, in a primary or general election, the candidate amongst us who is endorsed at the 2006 6th Congressional District Convention, or the ultimate Republican candidate that is on the general election ballot, if one is not decided at the Convention. And we here by pledge to support the candidate endorsed by the district.


Rep. Jim Knoblach


Sen. Michele Bachmann


Rep. Phil Krinkie


Dr. Cheri Yecke


Maj. Jay Esmay (Ret.)

This will be interesting, as I have it from a source that the last one that originated at the 6th CD Convention, was started by one of the candidates. I’ll be having a sitdown with Sen. Bachmann on Thursady, and I will attempt to get her Hancock then.

I’ll do my best to get all 5 on board.

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