I should have listened to them.

If there are any of you out there that are digging through my archives on a daily basis,(ha!) you’ll notice that Eva seems to read my blog all day. I’ve been getting about 4 to 5 comments a day from her. Now, I enjoy the fact that some one cares enough to read my blog, but her comments seem to be turning into more of a bully session than actual imput.

When I suffered my first Evalanche(here, here, here), some fellow mobsters gave me a little info on Eva and told me to be careful. They admired my courage to post on the subject, and a few gave me a little cover fire and comment support. But like a guilty pleasure, I tried to express my points of view in a way that I thought would be informative to the opponents of traditional marriage. I was wrong, and since then, I have been receiving demands and orders from some folks. To me this is bullying.

The comments on my posts Marriage Rally My Skills be Questioned and my Bachmann interview 1,2,3,4 have been frequented by Eva. I have even been the topic of posts of some of the many blogs she has access to. Gosh, I guess I have finally made it in blogging. :) She is trying to trick me into saying what she wants to hear. I have been very careful to frame my arguments for the marriage amendment. But for all my honest blogging and willingness to interact/debate with Eva, I get this crap.

This is an email she sent me after I tried to give a simple example of how some politicians are less than friendly with some people. She is moaning about something that happened at a townhall meeting with Senator Bachmann. Eva, once again, uses me to try to get to Bachmann. The obsessive behavior from Eva is starting to appear that stalking may be the case here. Read the email.

Ok, Andy – here is a draft of the email I could send to Senator Bachmann
about this. She’d say I was “stalking her” if I sent it.

You’ve gotten your feet wet doing an interview. This is a simple act of
getting a comment from a source. I wrote Sen. Betzold to ask him for
comment on whether he told you to “shut up” at a constituent meeting. Now
it’s your turn to ask Bachmann. If you ask Bachmann, then I’ll send an
email to Connie Bernardy to get comment. I’m going more than half way on
this one – since I’d be doing a two for your one.

On another topic, how do you feel about Hennepin County raising sales taxes
to pay for a twin’s stadium?


Dear Senator Bachmann:

Andy Apikowski (who interviewed you on Residual Forces), suggested I ask
you about this meeting with constituents during the OutFront Rally earlier
this month.

So I’m taking Andy Aplikowski up on his suggestion, and asking you to
comment on this. I wasn’t there. I trust Fred’s accounting of events –
but I wasn’t at this event. Let’s get the story right after all. Fred
Combs reported on the meeting you had with constituents during the OutFront

My Senator is Michele Bachmann (lucky me) and she actually met constituents
today… I sat next to her in the meeting and when it was my turn to speak,
I introduced myself and extended my hand, as I always do. To anyone! I held
my hand out for what seemed like eternity and I watched her hands rise from
her lap as she turned them palm side up, looked at them, and put them back
in her lap.

My hand still extended to force a response, she said, “my husband has
pneumonia and I don’t want to catch anything”.

EY: Did this happen as Fred said? After this meeting, you were seen
hugging other people in the capitol. That Saturday, you had no problems
shaking Corbett Johnson’s hand at a meeting in Forest Lake. What were you
afraid that you were going to catch?

Eva Young

Eva, if your behavior does not appear to be obsessive or stalking, I am the pope. Contact her yourself. I will not be your lacky nor your assistant. I don’t give a darn about who said or did what, and no one besides you does either. I’m going to give you some advice. Settle down, focus on the facts of your argument why gay marriage is the same as traditional marriage and you will be seen less obsessive, and more welcomed by legitimate bloggers and the real media. If you haven’t noticed yet, I am a no one in blogging. You are wasting your time trying to get your message out on this blog. If you want to get out the message that you have so far on this blog, go do it on one of your own blogs. You post on many from what I can tell from you habitual links and copied posts in MY COMMENT SECTION. Or go find another MOBster who actually gets traffic. My 20 or so hits a day is great and all, but probably not what you have in mind.

And as for why some blogs have put you on their blacklists, I completely understand. My blogware makes me approve comments if there are too many with in a certain amount of time from the same person, it thinks they’re spam. (I found this out by Eva’s repeated comments to every single thing I put up on here, its almost like she is waiting around until I post. She gets up another comment just minutes after I publish. Again this is flattering, but its getting a little over the line.), some people do not enjoy an Evalanche like others (so far I can take it, but I’m growing tired of the pointless interaction), they’d prefer to post their stuff, and have supportive constructive debate not constant mortar fire from the opposing forces, and some people get intimidated by some one who goes around bullying people.

YES bullying! When you go to some one’s blog, read it, and in the comments tell them their wrong, and that they have to read this, or listen to that, that is bullying. When some one’s personal info and schedule of where they will be is posted on a blog so that people can use that information for something, that is bullying. When you contribute to or link to a blog that takes a person’s picture and photoshops it into crude and distasteful versions, that is bullying to me.

As for swiftee’s comments, I don’t even know swiftee. I know his blog, but that’s it. just like you, he has the ability to go around and read and comment on blogs. have your friends block him if they are as bad as you say.

I’m sure you will take me to task over this, but Eva, you need to stop for a moment and think rationally. Your bullyish behavior is distracting from your message. Calling people who disagree with you names, or all out smear campaigns on a single action that happened somewhere are so far from the actual issue. You might want to re-evaluate how you will sell your message to the public, not to conservative bloggers. We ain’t buying it.

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